This is a website where tuly independent, unsigned, home-based, do-it-yourself musicians and bands can submit their work for review. There are a lot of us out there, and getting heard is not easy in this world where streaming services and record labels keep the gate through algorithms and pay-to-play schemes.

Why is this site different than the others?

As we see the last of the good music reviews fade into obscurity due to corporate takeovers and the need to meet a bottom line, we felt it was a good idea to stand up something to help fill that gap. Not that we are the next Pitchfork or anything.

As independent artists ourselves, we learned a lot about the “review sites” out there, and how, if you want to be heard by more than a few friends, you have to pay:

  • You have to pay to be rejected.
  • You have to pay to hope someone who doesn’t know anything about music will write about your music
  • You have to pay to hope someone with a blog will write about your songs, and that they give it a true effort instead of copy/pasting your bio.
  • You have to pay to hope they listen to more than 30 seconds of your song before moving along.

And that doesn’t even include getting added to playlists, followed on Instagram, mentioned by “influencers,” and more.

These sites never guarantee more than a 30% success rate, so 2/3 of the money you spend (often more) is completely wasted. The only people getting paid are the submission sites and the reviewers who get money just for rejecting your song!

Sites like SubmitHub, RadioAirplay, and Groover are notorious for this sort of thing.

So, while we have no idea how or if this site will ever make money, we are here to review some music!

Let us hear what ya got. Submit your songs!