Wellsprings Music: Relaxing Acoustic Melodies From The Heart

I was sent this collection of music to review, and I have to admit that, at first, I was hesitant, as this style of music just isn’t my thing, really. But I dove in nonetheless, pushing past my own preconceptions with an open mind, and ended up pleasantly surprised.

There are multiple released by this musical duo of Jack Urban and Glauber Ribeiro, seemingly dating back at least 25 years, and I chose to focus in on a couple of them for this review.

Wellsprings 3: Hidden Glory delivers a jazzy and very new age musical experience with a predominant presence of flute, synthesizers, and electronic drums/percussion. The overall mood is contemplative, much like you’d hear in a day spa, but the album explores different territories, making it an interesting journey.

The tone of the synthesizers, especially on tracks like “Where Wonderful Happens,” might feel a bit dated for some listeners, but the rhythmic elements bring a positive vibe. Some of the instruments used on various songs could be a hit or miss depending on personal preferences. However, “Six Dancing Pandas” stands out with its ambient and groovy nature, providing a refreshing, modern contrast.

Check out Where Wonderful Happens
Listen to Six Dancing Pandas

The abundance of flute throughout the album might be a decisive factor for certain listeners, as it almost was for me. Some folks may love that, but others might find it challenging to overlook. (Overhear? Listen past?) Despite individual instrument preferences, the album offers a diverse range of musical elements and moods.

Album: Wellsprings 2: Joyful

This album takes a different musical direction, featuring compositions that evoke Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and put a new twist on Greensleeves. The album is undeniably well-crafted, catering to those who enjoy relaxing, zoning out, or seeking inspiration through music. This one returns to the basics of piano and flute overall, with less of the modern touch I heard on #3.

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The overall tone of the album is uplifting, even during its more somber moments. The incorporation of flute and piano contributes to the joyous and harmonious atmosphere. However, for some listeners, the various Wellsprings releases, especially those on the 25th Anniversary reissue, might start to blend together, creating a sense of repetition.

In conclusion, both albums offer distinct musical journeys, with “Hidden Glory” exploring new age jazz territories and “Joyful” presenting a more focused but uplifting experience. Personal preferences regarding specific instruments may influence the overall enjoyment of the albums, but as I said, I tried to remain open to the possibilities, and learned that this was beautiful music in its own right.

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