Shadow Person – person of interest LP

Who is the mysterious Shadow Person? We aren’t entirely sure ourselves, but we have an inkling of an idea. He’s an experienced musician with a long discography of influential musical success

This is the first album from Shadow Person, by that name, anyway, but it also demonstrates the culmination of his multi-instrumental talents and his obsessive hobby as a producer and engineer.

From the opening track, “Chimney Sweeper,” to the closing “Fury of the Furry,” the listener is treated to an array of sounds spanning several different genres. There are clear punk elements (Crotch Rocket for Two), some reggae influences (Finally Leaves My Head), some Lo-Fi Indy (Smackeroo), and some downright downtempo (Fury of the Furry and When Kings Become Ghost).

We hear influences from Cake to The Orb to Ween. And we love it.

The musical production is a little rough around the edges here and there, but it’s overall a polished collection of tunes.

Listen for yourself, follow @shadowpersonmusic, and tell us what you think!







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