Randy Resnick

I was excited when this submission for review came in. Randy Resnick is a well-accomplished guitarist and saxophonist, with a track record of success according to his Wikipedia page. It’s not every week you start a new music review website and get a submission from someone who has worked with Canned Heat, John Mayall, and John Lee Hooker. But here we are.

Diving in to the hundreds of tracks Randy has made available on his Soundcloud page, I’m treated to some flavorful goodness right away as “Soprano Celebration” kicks off, featuring some insanely tasteful sax parts, let alone the keys, drums, guitar, and bass. Not sure if Randy plays all those parts as well, but those all play off each other behind Randy quite tastefully.

I’m no jazz expert, but this is great stuff. Attainable and catchy to the untrained jazz ear, not pretentious and self-congratulatory as a lot of jazz is.

But wait…there’s more! And it’s not jazz. As Randy said when he submitted his music to us, there are a bunch of genres in here. And he’s right.

“No Floor” is an ambient treasure that has hints of saxophone winding throughout. The bass element here is reminiscent of Succession’s intro theme, and I love it. This divergence from Randy’s other songs I listened to was a nice surprise.

Randy is a prolific musician, which is quite inspiring, as evidenced by his Bandcamp page, too. Apparently he pioneered the “tapping” guitar style starting in the 70’s. You’ve probably seen people like Eddie Van Halen do that when he takes guitar solos.

There is a lot to listen to on Randy’s Soundcloud page, and he even ventures into storytelling and what seem to be podcasts various points. If you want something interesting to listen to that is a piece of rock, blues, and jazz history, follow Randy and put his stuff on shuffle.



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