Hello Midlands – “Martin” and “Admin” EP

“Martin” – Single

A new single from Hello Midlands called “Martin” was a nice way to start things off for this review. The track is loaded with some intricate vocal harmonization layers, and the way they belt out at the beginning is an interesting way to pull the listener in.

The song softens into some meandering acoustic guitar and light percussion as the vocals lead the way. Almost a western vibe at some points, but the chorus of vocals return to Martin again, and it brings it all back together.

As a drummer, I have to say, I wish there were some solid drums in place to hold things together more, but I liked the tune, especially how it ends with a clever twist of “Martin always knows when songs are done.”

Check out the song for yourself on the Hello Midlands website.

“Admin” – EP

The “Admin” EP is five songs that give you a little more insight into the songwriting and musicianship of Hello Midlands, and it’s quite an enjoyable set of tunes. I’ll go ahead and get the only downside over with, and that is, again, I found myself wishing for drums. I’d love to hear some solid beats, especially during some of the heavier parts that really ask for it, such as on “Unaccustomed as I am,” a driving song that swells with a big, cathartic buildup in the middle.

Still, the songs are still really well crafted, both lyrically and structurally, and the musicianship is there to make it something you are likely to add to your playlists. Across these songs, the vocals remind me at times of Leonard Cohen, and at other of Bright Eyes. That is to say, they are passionate and real.

You can hear a lot of experimentation, and it keeps things interesting, such as the clock chimes starting off “This House” and the story that unfolds as the song goes on, rich with imagery and feeling.

You can check out the “Admin” EP on Spotify.

Glad I heard about this band and these tunes, and I think you will be too!

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