I received this lengthy submission (thank you!) for Erdspiegel’s music, and was excited to dive in, based on what was described.

“Most of the sound material is reinterpretations of German folk music and European antifascist music.”

That in and of itself sounds pretty amazing, and not something you hear or even think about every day, as a plain old white dude from the US. Furthermore, I looked up the translation of Erdspiegel to English, and it mean “Earth mirror.” Cool!

I sampled songs and albums from across Erdspiegel’s catalog, and have written about them here.

Song: Ruebezahl’s Realm
Hard synths sounds permeate your ears, with intertwining, simple one-note melodies. This reminded me of the music from the old King’s Quest games on PC. Looking at the song titles, maybe that is what they had in mind…very much related to a saga or journey. And in fact, the state as much in their descriptions.

Album: Farewell the Birds
Notes from the artist: 
“Farewell the Birds Is an album solemnly created with a few samples taken from some of my favourite musicians and recompiled to a requiem to the birds that I fear will vanish in the long run. I recreated it over my remorse of hitting a sparrow when driving with my car to work one morning.”

Poor sparrow. The music reminds me of European folk songs. Similar to the first album, it’s comprised of layered single tone melodies using different sounds. Simple at its core, but rich in emotion.

I’m not sure I hear samples from other musicians in here, as the artist stated, but they may be disguised – sampled and repurposed in the tones I did hear.

Album: as beyond, so within
We hear singing for this first time on this album. And, while it’s all in German, it adds a new dimension to the music, which largely is similar in style to the other albums I heard.

I have to say though, the voice sounds a little out of place, and a little out of tune. But that may be what they were going for.

Song: Das Rad
Well, this escalated quickly. The harsh, deep noise this one opens up with carries throughout the song, overshadowing everything else. In an unexpected turn in vibe, this apparently ventures into what the kids are calling “Dungeon Synth.” At least, that’s my best guess based on the picture these sounds painted in my head.

Overall, I have to say that while it’s not something I’d play while I was working, or even working out, this duo of musician friends is on to something. I am not sure what, but it’s definitely interesting. It is enlightening to hear what others are coming up with in their home studios, with some synths and various other instruments at their disposal. I like the political and cultural themes they have woven in, and this is something I would never have heard of had I not started this website.

Thanks to Erdspiegel for the submission!

Check out their Bandcamp page

Stream directly from their website here.

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