Disco Dreams – Bicentennial Spectral Soiree

I should start off by saying that EDM isn’t really my thing, so I may not come across as very well informed for this review, but here I go.

Disco Dreams sent in his latest single, Bicentennial Spectral Soiree, a name that is still making me think about what it might mean, and I found myself hearing a well-produced, dreamy-but-danceable track.

Self-described as Darksynth, the style of the music might sound like many other “oonce-oonce” tunes to the outsider such as myself, but I really liked the mystical overtones that ran throughout the song, keeping me engaged. I had moments where I was reminded of my college days diversion of becoming a fan of The Orb, and I enjoyed that journey down memory lane thanks to this track.

Checking out some other tunes from Disco Dreams led me to discovering some vocals and other instrumentation that indicate some broader experimentation is available to be discovered.

You should check out Disco Dreams if you are a fan of this genre, and even if you aren’t to help give some love to independent artists out there.

The latest track from Disco Dreams on Soundcloud

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