Bessemer Saints

Have you ever seen that show “Peacemaker” on HBO? The one with John Cena playing the role of the down-on-his-luck superhero from the DC universe? The show is legendary among musicians for its feature of various metal bands that the mainstream public is unlikely to have ever heard of. If you haven’t, it is well worth the binge watching for that reason alone.

As soon as I started listening to Bessemer Saints I thought they’d be a perfect fit for that show. Although they tout themselves as Rock & Roll, “Fire Tested” had a metal edge that pulled me in immediately with powerful guitar and vocal hooks. A lengthy tune, but it told a story that kept me interested.

Listening more, I heard tunes that definitely leaned towards the hard rock edge, but were equally as interesting. The classic rock sound of “Like I Care” demonstrates this well, with excellent musicianship on display. You can tell from the intricate song structure that these are veteran musicians intentionally breaking away from cookie-cutter formulas. Doing that well takes practice and experience, and it’s evident on this and many of their other tunes.

Steak Next Time” felt like a throwback to some classic George Thorogood and the Destroyers blues rock, but with a modern drive and a harder edge. The harmonica weaving its way throughout the tune was well done, considering I usually can’t stand harmonicas.

This is fun music, and I can picture myself enjoying it with beer and darts at a bar, or as motivational music to rock out to while driving on a long haul. Would love to see them live.

Check out Bessemer Saints for yourself:



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